Supplier Partners

With Avendra Group, suppliers gain insight into a variety of market segments and business models to help grow your business.

Approved suppliers access customers across broad geographies and markets. Plus, our leading procurement processes, tools, and best-in-class customer enrollment and spend tracking systems help monitor performance, identify opportunities, increase supplier market share, and track progress.

Avendra Group Drives Value to Suppliers


Strategic Partnership to Grow your Business

  • Each of our brands has a unique customer support approach ―our customer representatives are an extension of your team, getting to know your business, and promoting your offering to relevant decision-makers
  • We bring a wealth of industry and customer knowledge to the table, helping you make inroads and discover new opportunities in dozens of market verticals
  • Our ultimate goal is achieving sustainable success for all stakeholders utilizing the highest levels of professionalism and integrity


Thoughtful Solutions Tailored for Success

  • We know it isn’t a one-size-fits-all world ―we work collaboratively with suppliers and customers to optimize supply chain solutions, for a range of business models and market segments
  • Our geographic and industry reach is expansive, giving us more opportunities to help you drive business to over 49,000 customers around the globe
  • Over time, we have found the supply chain processes and procurement best practices that work, and we continue to optimize to help contracted suppliers efficiently sell to our portfolio of brands


Insight-Driven Outcomes

  • Dedicated resources and innovative reports enable data-driven decision making and uncover new opportunities
  • Our Supplier Portal provides access to custom applications and resources, enabling efficient business operations
  • Connecting buyers to sellers, driving more predictable and efficient volume, and introducing innovative new products and services to impact your bottom line is one of our main objectives


Interested in becoming an approved supplier?